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Gloucester Glass Create Blushes Style Pod









Gloucester Glass were pleased to be offered the opportunity to create a unique style pod for Blushes Hair salon in Cheltenham.

The style pod will be used in conjuntion with Michelle Blake image consultancy services, and will be used by their clients who include Olympic Gold Winning  Medalists, TV celebrities and local clients alike.

Pete Wyse, Director at Gloucester Glass designed, constructed and installed the pod with his team.

Mark Blake, the joint owner at Blushes was delighted with the end result and the pod is now getting lots of use helping style the people of Gloucestershire.

For more information about our services visit or contact us on 01452 506056.

The tallest glass building in the World

The construction industry in Dubai may have had its ups and downs, but with all the Billionaires residing there it is no surprise that the latest and greatest buildings being constructed are there! Construction has started on the Worlds largest glass building, already named The Dubai Crown, with it seeing completion in 2013. The building will be the shape of a date, and an amazing 14 million glass frames and mirrors will be used during construction.

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